On target for outstanding service & quality tradesmanship
On target for outstanding service & quality tradesmanship
On target for outstanding service & quality tradesmanship

Drain clearing & backflow prevention in Alice Springs

Toilet or sink backing up? Clogged shower drain? Don’t put up with the smell or inconvenience any longer. Bullet Plumbing is your best local source of drainage expertise in the Alice Springs area.

We are licensed and fully insured for all forms of drainage work, including new construction pipework and backflow prevention, so give us a call today and we’ll promptly respond with a detailed quote. Our team can travel out to remote properties throughout the MacDonnell Shire.


Drain Clearing

When there’s a blockage a simple plunger can’t fix, get on the phone to our drainage experts. With more than 20 years of industry experience, and the latest technology and equipment, we’ll get everything flowing again in no time.

Our team will arrive promptly to your residential or commercial property and, if you don’t know the source of the blockage, will quickly uncover it. Then, using powerful drain jets, we’ll break up and remove whatever is blocking the pipes and restore normal water flow.

In serious cases, for example when a tree’s root system has entered the underground pipes, excavation is usually required. Our plumber will let you know of the labour and parts costs associated with excavating and replacing a section of pipework.

Backflow Prevention & Testing

Have you noticed a bad smell coming from your drains or discoloured water? A backflow prevention device, also known as an RPZ valve, creates a closed plumbing system for your property, preventing contaminated water from sewers entering your water supply. Most local governments require all premises to fit one of these devices to help protect the local water supply.

Our plumbers are qualified to install, test and replace backflow prevention systems. It is recommended that your backflow device is checked annually, so call Bullet Plumbing to take care of it promptly and at an affordable rate. We can also provide you with a comprehensive digital report which meets any local council requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your drainage needs.